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In a previous article, the author established two fundamental and important truths about what it takes to be successful in building a home-based internet marketing business. Those values were an attitude of determined hard work, and a disciplined approach to daily management. In this article, George continues to provide valuable insights into the key factors that successful entrepreneurs must be prepared to apply to guarantee significant income, profits and growing value for your home-based business. 1) Technology and Systems. While it's not critical that you have the latest computing hardware and software and the fastest internet connection around, it will make your daily life easier if you know that your investment in your business technology provides speed, processing power and storage that enable you to organize your business life effectively. It is possible to make a great living online from a laptop computer and a mobile phone, and many successful entrepreneurs never need any more. However in this author's experience there is considerable value in being able to depend upon the speed of a quality and reliable internet connection, to ensure that your education, learning, downloading, uploading and email communication can be done without irritating delays or frustrations. While it is definitely not mission critical, there is undoubted value in having more than one computer or interface. This enables you to work on more than one task at one time, without necessarily having to jump between tabs on the same computer screen. With the benefit of a second computer, one can be reviewing a training webinar or an instructional video on one screen, while practicing those techniques or that learning on a separate system. This can often accelerate progress at the critical early stages of building your home based business. 2) A Positive Mental Attitude. In every business, irrespective of size, location, country or sector, challenges are always around the corner. One of the keys to success is to anticipate those challenges, and to prepare yourself with the right kind of mental attitude to deal with obstacles as they arise. In the establishment of your home-based business, there will inevitably be times where you lose heart, become distracted or simply feel like giving up because you can't break through a barrier or you seem to be making no progress. It is precisely at these times that you need to draw upon the early preparation you have undertaken and apply a positive mental attitude to enable you to overcome these doubts and personal fears. At the time you feel most downhearted, frustrated or beaten, draw upon the power within you to focus on the positive outcome of your business goals and envision that feeling of success that you established at the outset of your venture. Rise above the doubt and dispel it for good. You may need to do this more than once, but you will gain from every experience you encounter like this and will be stronger, better and certainly more successful for having proven the value of a positive mental attitude.


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